Commercial Air Conditioning

As with everything it all comes down to price. UKCS can offer a huge range of equipment and options. We are that confidant we can beat any like for like written quotation without lowering the standard that we pride ourselves with, we guarantee it.*

We have experansie installing single split system to multiple VRV/VRF system all to the same high standard.

Keeping your equipment clean and running perfectly

Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of a successful installation – it’s just the beginning. We are able to maintain your equipment in order to keep it running perfectly throughout its long useful life.

Planned maintenance contracts
We automatically offer our clients planned preventative maintenance contracts on all equipment supplied and installed by us. In cases where equipment has been installed by others we are usually happy to maintain the equipment subject to site survey.

The benefits of having a preventative maintenance contract include:
  • Increased reliability and cleanliness.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of your staff and customers - so important nowadays.
  • Preferential rates for repairs - guaranteed low rates, currently £10 per hour less than our non maintained clients.
  • Preferential attendance at busy times -maintenance customers go to the front of the queue.
  • Plan maintained designed for your environment.
So how does it work?
We send you a quotation to visit your site as many times a year as your persific equipment and environment requires.

Payment terms will be agreed at start of contract, and each year we send you a renewal quotation which you are free to accept or reject.

Our service department will arrange for our engineer to carry out the specified number of visits and you will be provided with documentation of service and call outs for your records at each visit to be kept on site.

Whatever the problem - we can fix it
Even the most reliable equipment can sometimes fail.
Accidents, environmental conditions and sometimes just plain vandalism can mean that clients are left with equipment which needs repairing.

We are happy to carry out repairs on all makes of air conditioning equipment regardless of whether it has been supplied, installed or maintained by us.

Our engineers will make a swift diagnosis of the problem and fix it immediately if this is possible, if not they will make an accurate assessment of the parts required - clients are then provided with a quotation for any further work needed

*This guarantee only applies if health and safety has been taken into consideration and the correct access/ lifting equipment is being used. Correct disposal of old units and gases with certification will also be necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of units?
Split Air Conditioning
This is the most familiar form of installed air conditioning. They are called ‘split systems’ because they comprise of an indoor unit (mounted to a wall, ceiling concealed in roof space or floor), which re-circulates the air in the room, either cooling or heating to your requirements.

The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit (condenser), by a pair of small diameter copper pipes and electrical cable.

Multi Split Air Conditioning
This operates in much the same way as the 'split' system. The 'Multi-split' system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor condenser.
  • Up to four units can be operated in cooling only or heat only form.
  • 'Multi-split' systems offer an ideal way to treat a number of areas whilst minimising the space required for outdoor units.
These units allow long pipe runs consisting of multiple indoor units. With the installation of a three pipe system inderpented heating and cooling can be achieved.

VRV is a system developed and designed by Daikin Industries and means "variable refrigerant volume". Daikin protected the term VRV so other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi use the term VRF "variable refrigerant flow". In principle they both work the same and are extremely efficient, reliable, energy saving ways to heat and cool all types of buildings with minimum installation time or disruption.

The volume or flow rate of refrigerant is accurately matched to the required heating or cooling loads thereby saving energy and providing more accurate control.

In short, they are probably the best systems currently available for mid to large applications.
Will the unit heat as well as cool?

Cooling mode:
A refrigerant gas, within the system, absorbs excess room heat. As the refrigerant absorbs heat from the room it changes into a gas and passes through small, copper tubes to an outdoor unit where the heat is released, into the atmosphere. The gas then changes back into a cold liquid, returning to the indoor unit where the air is fanned over it and out into the room. This cycle is automatically repeated to maintain the required room temperature. The gas is sealed within the system.

Heating mode:
Heat pump systems also allow the above cycles to be reversed. A heat pump extracts "free" heat from the outdoor air, even on the coldest days when the temperature may fall as low as -10 degrees and transfers the heat indoors. Heat pump units therefore avoid the need for a boiler and allow you to cool and heat with the same unit, with savings in costs and energy throughout the year.

How much to run?
The indoor section of the system contains a small fan and some electronic controls and has power consumption comparable to that of a light bulb. The compressor, which is housed in the condensing unit, consumes a greater amount of power but only runs when the room requires heating or cooling. When a unit is sized correctly we would expect equal on and off periods. With this in mind we have built in a 50% diversity factor. The example is based on a 3.5kw split system with a power consumption of 1.2kw.

Running cost = Max. power consumption    x Diversity factor    x Current tariff
Running cost = 1.2kw    x 50%    x 6.1p per kw hour
Running cost = 3.66p per hour
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